Clothing the Planet

Indian Textile Industry has great history and rich in its heritage. Right from the ancient time the country occupied a prominent place in the global trade of textile. The Indian weavers have always taken the privilege of weaving to the world community. They took it as not a business but as a service to the humanity. A country with holistic approach towards the human kind which always chants a mantra "sarva jano sukino bavanthu" which mean the whole human society shall always remain in peace and amity.

Indian Textile Industry always adopted itself to the modern technology. It has been a fore runner in developing technologies in tune with time and consumer preferences, which results in delivering fine quality products. The production techniques are of late adapting to the eco friendly process there by helping the community to be the pollution free and human friendly atmosphere. In every purchase you help in sharing the well being of millions of dedicated weavers and labors involved in making the textile products which is akin to water poured at the bottom of the tree reaching its roots.


Our Profile


Abirami Exports is based in Coimbatore, which is also known as the Textile City of South India.

We are an export oriented unit having state of art set up for high quality production of Woven and Knitted garments.

From the year 1994, we are engaged in the exports of woven and knitted garments from India to all over the world including European countries, Middle East countries, USA and Australia.

We are a customer focused enterprise and we upgrade our skills regularly to ensure that we are in tune with the latest demands from our esteemed customers. Our team consists of highly dedicated and talented professionals who have enabled us to achieve the highest standards of quality at very competitive prices. We thrive to provide a satisfactory service every time which has in turn helped us to build a long term relationship with our customers worldwide.


Our success mantra is: Style + Quality + Competitive price = Satisfied customers & our growth.

Right from the selection of raw materials till the shipment of the finished goods, each and every process is done with utmost care by our respective specialists. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and this has led to a strong credibility for us in the market